Jessica Timgren-Forss


Jessica is the owner and founder of WG- stables together with her husband Filip. She has been representing Finlands national jumping team since young age. 2015 she took part in the World Equestrian Games. Highlights and best results are a 3rd place in Sopot 3* GP and 5th place in Hamina Bastione 3* GP. Among that Jessica has also numerous placings both on national and international level.

”I love riding because it gives me the opportunity to analyze and learn something new everyday. I live for the challenge”
Phone: 045 272 0010

Filip Forss


Filip is the owner and founder of WG- stables together with his wife Jessica. Filip is not a rider yet ;), but is involved in everything concerning the stables and the business around it. Filip pretty much runs everything at the farm but his biggest passion is most definitely the hunting.
Phone: 040 8354969
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Meeri Sipiläinen


Meer is a 26 years old rider from Lehtimäki. She is our newest team member and is the rider at WG-Stable. Meeris duties are mostly to ride and compete the young horses. Meeri has competed successfully at national level and taken part at the Nordic Baltic championships.

Phone: 050 5003695


Sophie Henelius


Sophie is 17 years old, living at the island, Kimitoön. She has her own horse at the stables and is helping out with the stable work. The ones who say the youth aren’t that interested anymore haven’t met Sophie. She is a talented rider too continuing to learn more as we go along.

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Suvi Tukia


Suvi has been working alongside Jessica already for many years. In between she was working in the Netherlands for a couple of years. We are thrilled having her back in our team! Suvi was with us at the World equestrian games and almost all other big events and highlights we have had the pleasure to experience. Suvi takes care of the horses and is therefore a crucial part of the team.

Phone:050 4909738

Jenna Suomi


Jenna is partly working for us. She is preparing all the young horses for saddle breaking. We are very happy with her work and hope it will continue for as long as possible. We find it very important to see our young horses develop under our eyes.


All the supporters

We wanted to add the supporters as a team member because thats what they really are. We here grab the chance to thank all our sponsors, investors and all people cheering for us at the shows and everyday hard work. Thank you, with out you it would not be possible! You most definitely are a part of our team!